Text Box: The Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna Faculty of Agriculture  announces the International Master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences.

The International Master in Horticultural Sciences is jointly offered by the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (UNIBO) , the Technical University of Munich (TUM, Weihenstephan, Germany) and the University 0f Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences of Vienna (BOKU) 
The strong integration among three European leading Universities will provide a wide range of complementary expertises contributing to create a holistic education for the future graduates. The teaching staff will include 28 EU professors and 5 Third-country scholars.
The professors involved in the creation of the International Master are actively participating in a large number of Horticultural International and National Associations and Organisations.

By the agreement in force among the University of Bologna and the Universities in Munich and Vienna, the student, beyond obtaining the Italian degree, denominated Laurea Specialistica in Ortofrutticoltura Internazionale, will also receive the corresponding degree from the Partner Universities in which he/she will have acquired the 30 credits required. These are the Master of Science of the Technical University of Munich, and the Diplom Ingenieur at the of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna . 

For the present edition the following fellowships will be available:

7 EU Students (12,000 €/year)
9 extra-EU Students (24,000 €/year)
1 Western Balkan/Turkey student (24,000 €/year)
1 Tunisia and Egypt student (24,000 €/year) 
1 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukrainestudent (24,000 €/year)

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For 2011-13, scholars are invited to propose a personal teaching plan that integrates with  IMaHS Courses. List of teaching subjects, duration and semester have to be proposed by the applicant scholars.

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