Text Box: Teaching Staff
Prof. Guglielmo Costa – Full professor of Fruit Science; 
Prof. Massimo Tagliavini – Associate professor of Tree Ecosystems. 
Prof. Luca Corelli Grappadelli – Full professor of tree Ecophysiology and Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Growing. 
Prof. Maurizio Canavari - Associate professor of Economics and Rural Appraisal 
Text Box: Teaching Staff
Prof. Dr. Joachim Meyer, Unit of Horticultural Engineering; Expertise in greenhouse construction and climate control, production process documentation and evaluation, ecophysiology/physics of plant environment. 
Prof. Dr. Dieter Treutter, Unit of Fruit Science; He has special experience in the analytic of bioactive compounds in plants as well as in their physiological role. Special topic of research is the role of phenolics in plant resistance 
Text Box: The Technical University of Munich is one of the leading Universities in Germany. The life-sience disciplines are concentrated at the Campus in Freising-Weihenstepan. Many courses are offered in English. The horticultural Science group  at TUM has developed specific competences on energy use in production systems and on documentation and evaluation of production processes, on targeted plant production for optimising intrinsic quality factors, and on secondary metabolism for plant resistance and human health and on plant biotechnology. 
Text Box: University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences  
Text Box: Teaching Staff
Prof. Dr. Walter Wenzel, Associate Professor of Fundamental Soil Science, Soil Physics and Soil Chemistry, Rhizosphere Processes in Agriculture and Soil Protection, Rhizosphere Ecology
Prof. Mag. Dr. Karoline Jezik: Full professor and head of the Department. Specialized in horticulture (preharvest), crop related quality aspects, organic growing.
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Astrid Forneck: specialized on viticulture, fruit growing, implementation of molecular techniques (markers) and biotechnology in viticulture.
Ass. Prof. Johannes Balas: specialized in quality and Post-harvest-management of Fruits and Vegetables; Eco-socially based Certification-Systems in Flower Supply Chains; Indoor ornamental plants (Production, Use, Indoor planting design).
Text Box: The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna Vienna offers  state of the art knowledge in vegetable production and organic plant management. BOKU has also specific expertises on crop management of ornamental, vegetable crops and grape and adds to the program its competencies on organic and sustainable production systems including soil conservation, biodiversity and biological resource management. Special courses in soil fertility and natural resources conservation are conducted in English.

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Text Box: To fulfil the academic requirements of this degree students must spend at least one semester of study either at the University of Munich, or at BOKU Vienna, or both, to achieve a minimum of 30 or a maximum of 60 credits, by completing courses chosen amongst those offered by the two Universities


Text Box: The University of Bologna is a recognised leader at the national and international level in many research areas dealing with Horticulture. English courses are offered in these areas: fruit tree and grape production and management, ecophysiology and ecology of tree systems, fruit quality evaluation, nursery science, biotechnologies and breeding applied to fruit plants, economy and orchard protection. Most teaching staff involved in the Master belong to the Department of Fruit Tree and Woody Plant Sciences (Dip. Colture Arboree) that is one of the most active Research Centre on fruit trees 
Text Box: University of Bologna 
Text Box: Technical University of Munich (TUM)