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All students have to pay tuition fees. of 2500 euro per year,.  An additional contribution has been established for the Third Country students, in order to guarantee appropriate administrative and hosting. Indeed, Third Country students will pay an additional contribution of the amount of 3000 euro per year, which will serve the scope to set up the administrative services for the international students and the setting up of the special hosting services (International tutor, accommodation services, Visa requirements etc.). 
The fees will be paid on annual basis by the end of August at the Consortium Administrative Centre based at UNIBO. 


Only third country students can apply for the Erasmus Mundus fellowship. Whereas, European students may apply for grants provided by the European Student Mobility Program (Erasmus). 
Successful third country applicants will receive a 21,000 €/year fellowship covering the travel and accommodation costs. Once the coordinating institution has received the first instalment from the Commission, the selected third country students regularly enrolled will receive the 70% of the fixed yearly amount (3500 out of 5000 €) for the travel and first accommodation expenses and an anticipation of three months (4800 €) from the total amount of the first year (16,000 €). From the fourth month on, each third country student will receive a regular payment of 1600 € per month. Once the University of Bologna will receive the second instalment from the Commission, after the approval of the progress report, each student will receive the remaining 1500 € of the travel and accommodation expenses. During the second year, students will receive the grant of 1600 € on a monthly basis. The annual fixed amount of 5000 € will be given to students at the end of the last semester. Detailed information on the payment mechanism will be communicated to third country students during the selection phase. Each student will be asked to sign an agreement with the consortium in order to inform the student on the services offered by the Master’s programme (international facilities, scholarships etc) and about their duties as full time students, which include participation at classes and Master’s activities. The Steering Committee has the right to verify the student career and decide, under extreme circumstances, possible temporary suspensions of payment of fellowship.

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